Welcome to Sage Eyes, the site for an upcoming fantasy series of books. Feel free to learn about the background, the characters, some completed short stories, and discussions about fantasy, both writing it and how it allows exploration of important themes that can’t be explored by other genres.


Sage Eyes: Reawakening, is the first book in the series.

Snake Eyes, the most feared and mysterious band of thieves to haunt the land, has been enjoying its successes for far too long, and their confidence has made them susceptible to treachery. Finding himself alone and unable to depend on his band, Simon has to define for himself what his new role in society will be, whether to continue the only thing he has ever known, or try to become a respectable but unimportant and struggling citizen. But when he finds himself counting down to his imminent death, he heads out on a journey with only a small chance of success. He can’t do it on his own, but his cynical nature and harsh past alienate the only ones willing to accompany him.

Tiffany only wanted an accomplishment that would make people respect her and bring her out of the shadow of her father, the king. The help she enlists has his own plans, though, bringing on a chain of events that strip her of her titles and leave her as a fugitive in her own land. Pursued by several organizations that would use her for their own means, escaping politics proves to be difficult in a society that only sees her as a symbol and not a person. So when she joins Simon, his cynical attitude serves as a refreshing, if harrowing, change in her life. Along with two elves, they traverse the land in order to reactivate ancient magics.

But even on their quest, they find themselves guided by a mysterious hand. Should they trust this unexpected source of hope? And just how much is one life worth?

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