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Welcome to Sage Eyes, the site for an upcoming fantasy book series. If you like fantasy fiction, this is the place for you. Take a look at the trailer for this book. Immerse yourself in the world of Sage Eyes by learning about the characters, the world, and the magic. Or take a look at some short stories and the blog where I share my ideas about almost anything. Thanks for visiting! Your support bring this closer to reality. 

Sage Eyes: Reawakening is the first book in the series.

Simon, a member in Mith's most influential band of thieves, Snake Eyes, hates the nobility. Tiffany, princess of Mith, wants to bring those thieves to justice. But when they collide, both lose out through a chain of events, and find themselves thrown together, traversing the land with two elves to flee their enemies while trying to reactivate an ancient magic. 

Their chances of success are small, and time is running out. And what starts out as a journey of  individuals stuck together by chance grows into something that affects more than just them. Looking for freedom, they find themselves being used for more nefarious purposes.

Chased and manipulated, they have to answer two questions: Who should they trust? And just how much is one life worth?

Now go, look around this site. There are several people willing to guide you and tell you about the new world you're entering. Find out about the characters, creatures, kingdoms, and culture of this place and decide whether you want to stay or if it's too dangerous for you. Also, you can find out more about me in the About section or through the blog. You can also find and contact me on Twitter and Facebook. I can't wait to hear back from you. I am grateful for your support and hope you enjoy your stay. 

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