About the Author

Hello. My name is Matthew Barrett. Let me tell you about myself. By day, I am a mild mannered graphic designer. BUT BY NIGHT...I'm a mild mannered writer/aspiring author. And husband and father. And amateur artist. As well as masters student. Yeah...I once heard that the problem with millennials is that their parents and others told them so much that they can do ANYthing that they don't realize they can't do EVERYthing. That applies to me. I sometimes try to do everything.

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But I try to have everything I do work toward my goal: to get the story that's grown within me ever since my childhood out to other people in the hope that they can enjoy it as much as I do. Which is why you'll find the small sampling of artwork on my site to support the story (hopefully my vision doesn't ruin your experience of the book).

My Family

Here's my current team of cohorts: My lovely wife from Peru, and my son, who incidentally was born a U.S. citizen about 6 months before my wife earned her citizenship. I don't know if they're more distractions or support to my writing, but they're who I've got, and I love them.

Author Matthew

About Me, the Author

I grew up in Utah. I've always love drawing, reading, writing, and video games. I've lived in Mexico for 2 years and speak fluent Spanish (with a gringo accent). Most people would call me somewhat shy, so writing and art are the ways I best express myself. I work as a graphic designer, since that was my plan B until writing took off.

My Book

As to the status of my first book, it is written. I might do a little editing (it's a monster of a book), but the story is in place, after a few drafts of tinkering. Now I am looking for an agent or publisher. If I don't find someone, I guess I could self-publish, but it's not my preference. If any of you know anyone who could help out, let me know. If not, following, sharing, and interacting are still great ways of supporting. Thanks for even coming here in the first place!

I'd love to hear from you, please leave comments here and on social media.

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