Shiara Map

Hello, traveler. My name is Shiara. You want to see the map I have been creating? I would be happy to assist you.

There are several kingdoms in the region, but one must be wary when traveling. Monsters and bandits make the roads dangerous, so it is better to travel in groups. 

Here is the map I have been creating, annotating the boundaries of the different kingdoms and nations. Strange that no one seems to have done this before of the whole region, but few have traveled this far. Where do you come from, if I may ask?


The kingdom of Mith is the dominant kingdom of the region. Mainly consisting of humans, it has the largest military and navy, with a history going back 2000 years.

Felaronia broke off from Mith generations ago. Fed up with the rule of men, women have taken control, both in government and in daily relationships.

Mageda, recently annexed by Mith, is home to the Magi, which has created tensions with normal citizens of Mith, who fear magic. So while officially part of Mith, the two societies haven't integrated yet.

Korock is home to the dwarves. Also part of Mith, they keep separate but supply the kingdom with mined materials, like iron.

Sylva is a kingdom of elves living in the forest, considering themselves more civilized than their counterparts in Dylva-Nor, who have their own forest but live closer to nature, without cities or governments.

The Freelands don't have an official government, but people have aligned themselves to different Merchant Lords, each which has their own rules.