Ah, welcome traveler.  I am High Judge Brekham. I know, who would expect to find a judge in a bar? And you would be right to wonder, but I assure you, I am here out of charity, asking people to reflect on their lives and see whether they are living up to the potential Pallanism promises. Plus, even judges need a hard drink every once in a while.

Do you want to learn about Pallanism? I would be happy to go over our illustrious religion with you.

As you know, all life is subject to the Judge Lords. In times past, the Judge Lords ruled over us in justice and glory. Their reign was a golden age and powerful magic bestowed upon us. Life was good, we lived in peace and happiness. But then people began to misuse their powers. As punishment, the Judge Lords left us to their enemies, the Dread Lords, who took over the world and fought each other with sprawling armies just for sport. They used their servants, the Ancients, to put us into slavery, and life became miserable as humanity gave their penance.


But then the Hero came. Maleki led the warriors of light, Sage Eyes, into battle against the dark gods and, against all odds, managed to vanquish them. The castle has a stained glass window dedicated to him.

But while Sage Eyes believed that vanquishing the Dread Lords would bring back the Judge Lords, they never came. Humanity, as well as the other races, were left on their own. They overthrew their Ancient overseers and established their own kingdoms.


Pallanism exists to prepare humanity for the reign of the Judge Lords again. We understand that magic is what brought upon us their absence and we keep that power under tight control. Only those trained by us should use it, and only sparingly. Otherwise, disaster could strike again.

What about the mages, you ask? Well, it is no longer appropriate to call them heretics, thanks to King George annexing them. But they don't believe the same as us. Still, magic is dangerous and corruptible, so even they are required to have a magic pass. Anyway, up in their desert home, they don't bother us much.

Ah, I see you're looking at the illustrations in my book. There's one for each of the thirteen Judge Lords. Let's take a look at them and I'll explain the attributes of each. You may want to choose one as your patron and begin your petitions.