Short Stories

You can't read Sage Eye yet, but you can get a taste of it in several different ways. If you want to see my writing style, start by buying my collection of short stories on Amazon. And if you want to get a visual feel for the world of Mith, there's a gallery of artwork I've created down below.

Fallen and Other Short Stories

Sage Eyes is a massive project and I sometimes need some breaks from it, so I've written a few other short stories, some that aren't in the world of Sage Eyes. Since I wrote them to change things up, they defy some genre conventions. I hope you'll enjoy them.

Dappling in several genres, from Sci-fi to fantasy, romance to mystery, this collection of several stories deals with subverting expectations. A scientist thinks he's made a break through that affects more than just his field, a hero goes on a quest to find his love, a soldier makes first contact with aliens but with terrible consequences, a woman comes home to find a murder, and in the longer story of Fallen, a girl finds a mysterious figure in the woods who gives her special powers. At first she is delighted with her new abilities. But will they help her find love, or backfire on her? And for what purpose did she gain them?

And while you can't get Fallen for free, you can read the other short stories in the collection on the blog here. From fantasy, science fiction, and other genres, you will find something for you.

Click on one of the covers below to go to the free story:

Jack and Jill
Murder hits home for Jack and Jill
Prince Brom has to go to war to save the love of his life while his father is away. Is he heroic enough?
A scientist interviews a journalist about his new discovery.
First Contact
Humanity is about to make first contact with a new alien species. But will all go well?
Runaway Wife
Jenny is getting married to someone she doesn't even know. But on her wedding night, she decides to get away from the situation. Her new husband isn't happy with the situation, though. Will she escape?