Smash Bros Switch Predictions

Smash Bros for the Switch

I’ve mentioned how much I love Smash Bros before, and now they’ve finally announced that the Nintendo Switch will be getting a new entry. Or an enhanced port, as they weren’t clear with the initial announcement, which is all I’m going with at the time of this article.

Whether a port or a brand new game, we know we’re getting new content. Others have chimed in, but here are my predictions on what will be in the new Smash Bros game. 

New Confirmed Characters

Inklings: This is obvious, as it was in the trailer. It will be interesting to see how they play. I assume they’ll be able to cover the stage with ink and maybe move around in it. How long will the ink stick? Will they be able to paint the other characters? Will there be several different character skins? I’m interested in finding out.

BOTW Link: I’m going to go in depth on this, because I have a lot of thoughts. The trailer clearly showed BOTW Link, but we don’t know what that means. Ever since the original Smash Bros, Link has been my main. But BOTW Link plays much differently than Links in other Zelda games, and I think it will be the same here. So there are several options:

  1. BOTW Link replaces classic Link with same basic moves, just aesthetic differences like the tunic, bombs, and other aspects. Not likely.
  2. BOTW Link replaces classic Link with a whole new move set. 
  3. BOTW Link is a new separate character, classic Link remains the same. My preferred option, as I love classic Link, even if he is only mid-tier.

So what new moves could Link have? I’ve seen possibilities of his specials using the Champions’ abilities. I could see some, but I don’t think they will all be used. For one thing, how would he be revived by Mipha’s Grace. He could also use Sheikah Slate abilities. 

Here are my predictions:

  • Up Special: Rivali’s Gale, followed by the paraglider. Simple. I think it could also have a tornado effect of blowing nearby characters upward, so there’s some attack element to it.
  • Neutral Special: Bow. He has the bow in the trailer, so I think he’ll use it. But maybe he has some way of switching arrows, so he could use fire arrows for extra damage, ice arrows to freeze an opponent, shock arrows to stun them, bomb arrows for an explosion, and ancient arrows to break shields. He could even fall slower if switching between them in mid-air.
  • Side Special: This one’s hard. Maybe a Sheikah Slate ability, like stasis on an enemy in front of you, or a quasi grab with magnesis. Or maybe just the boomerang.
  • Down Special: Link could stick with the bombs, but this time they would be remote controlled explosions. Or he could have a counter using Daruk’s revenge. 
  • Final Smash: Divine beasts shooting their lasers. 

I don’t think he’ll have a hook shot, because that wasn’t in the game, so his grabs could use either stasis or magnesis for the animation. His smash attacks might use different weapons, from great swords to spears. I do think he’ll be an interesting character. 

Mario: He might just have some new moves with Cappy.  If he can possess people, where they have to wiggle to kick him out, kind of like Yoshi’s eggs, then I see him becoming the ultimate troll.

Possible New Characters

Nintendo will most likely use some of their new IPs from the biggest Switch games.

Arms character: Spring man, Ribbon Girl, or Twintelle. Who knows? Maybe it will be like Bowser Jr with a different skin for each color. There will probably be long range punches, grabs, and other maneuvers. But I don’t see them handling the close range well.

Xenoblade 2 characters: Probably Rex, with Pyra following along. Maybe it would be like the Ice Climbers, where both attack and are hurt, or maybe Pyra sticks to the background and helps with specials or the final smash. Although I think it would be nice to have just her, as Rex is kind of boring.

BOTW Zelda: I would like to see either a new, separate Zelda or a revamped one, as she’s always been one of the worst characters. This new one could use the Sheikah Slate Abilities that Link doesn’t use.

Other Nintendo Characters

I’m not so sure about any of these, but there is a chance.

Ice Climbers: With Smash Bros on the Switch, there shouldn’t be an issue getting these veterans back, as the 3DS held back the last installment.

Star Wolf: He was in Brawl, but taken out last time. I liked him, and maybe he’ll return.

King K. Rool: Donkey Kong’s nemesis, many people have clamored to have him. 

Dixie Kong: She’s like Diddy, but she can fly with her hair. 

Waluigi: I don’t think he’ll make it in, but if he does, he’ll be Wario’s skinny counterpart.

Captain Toad: With a Switch port, Toad can become a real boy…I mean, playable character.

Ganondorf: Maybe he’ll get his own move set for once.

3rd Party Characters

Less likely, but the following have some merit. As I understand the rules for Smash Bros, characters have to originate in a video game and be a classic. So no Goku or Shrek.

Shovel Knight/Shantae: Both indie hits on the Switch, many people have clamored for them.

Crash Bandicoot: His trilogy is coming to the Switch and he is a classic of gaming. 

Dragonborn: Skyrim on the Switch did well, so maybe this character could come to Smash Bros.

Solaire: From the upcoming Dark Souls on the Switch, he has an Amiibo.

Rayman/Rabbids: Both on the Switch, either Ubisoft character could make an appearance.

Solid Snake: He was in Brawl. Maybe he can make a comeback.

Sora: From Kingdom Hearts, if Cloud could make it, then maybe he could, too. But that brings me to the next point.

Characters That We Might Lose

Not all characters last throughout all the games, and with the roster continually growing, some might get pushed aside.

Cloud/Bayonetta/Ryu: Any of the DLC characters could go, although Bayonetta is the most closely aligned with Nintendo. I would be most sad if Cloud leaves, as I ended up taking him on as my second main in Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS.

Lucina, Dark Pit, Doctor Mario, Toon Link: The first two or three of these clone characters should have been skins, not full characters, and may go back to that. Toon Link might step aside to make room for the other Links (or he stays and classic Link goes away)

Pacman, Megaman, Sonic: Sonic will probably stay, but other 3rd party characters might leave.


A lot of the big games on the Switch have reinvented the franchise’s formula, from Mario to Zelda, so we’ll see if Smash Bros does the same or is more like a port. Either way, I’m excited. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time. 

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